Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Regis: The Beginning

Regis is what one might call a "free spirit".
Or at least that is the excuse he uses whenever he does something weird. I do the same thing, the only difference is that he is serious.

We first crossed paths many years ago, when I was just a bright young thing of 11 or 12. Like myself, he was born. and lived the early part of his life, in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. I met him in a shop in West Edmonton Mall, and we immediately struck up an unlikely friendship.

Long story short, I busted him out of that mundane existence (it was completely legal operation, I swear).
He came to live with me, in a smaller city down south in beautiful British Columbia. He was fairly content there, and for a few years he simply hung out and enjoyed the change of scene. Content to be free.

As for me, happened, and we drifted apart. I graduated, moved away from home for a while, traveled for a while, came back to do some post-secondary schooling, went away again, and -surprise, surprise- returned once more, this time to start a soul-sucking, boring as porridge, stale-as-a-week-old-French-baguette, job.

I wasn't happy, but I was making money, and was talking myself into spending it all on more schooling so I could get a job I wouldn't hate.

And it was making me very depressed, since I wasn't totally convinced I wouldn't hate that job too. And then I'd have to start all over again. A vicious cycle.

I stumbled across Regis while cleaning out my closet.
The poor wretch was locked in a suffocating plastic bin, crammed in with other forgotten friends.
This was not his destiny! He was not going to settle for that! He is not a monkey made for the conventional existence of the outgrown toy!
He looked me in the eye and said, "Get me outta here!"
I felt his pain. So I did.
I took him out, patted his head, then readjusted his hair into a fauxhawk just how he likes it, and brought him into my car. He's been hanging out with the rearview mirror ever since, and he's quite happy there. He loves seeing new things everyday, out there on the open road.

And I decided not to go back to school. I am young, free, and able to do what I want to do: travel and do new things. So why not? Well, I can always come up with reasons not to, because it can be scary and uncertain. But now I have a blog to keep up, and a monkey to shoulder the burden of mascot-ery (its a hard life).

Regis is on the loose, and he is taking me with him.
Hopefully this doesn't turn out super lame.
That would be kind of anti-climatic.


progressive lens said...

Yippee Yi Yay! You're back! All of my anonymous pleadings finally took their toll on you and you caved! (or I'd like to think that, anyway!) :)
Looking forward to pics and stories of adventure and intrigue!

Sonya said...

I'm so psyched that you're blogging again! I can hardly wait to read all about the adventures Regis takes you on. :)

Haelle said...

Regis...Reggie...We'll try hard to believe that you just didn't want to try and copy the awesome that we have over at
Haha, kidding!
I'm just happy you are back.
With such a studly friend at your side there is no way this blog will turn into a dud.

Danica said...

I was just thinking about you today - glad you're back. And you brought a friend!

Jill and Regis said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone :)

I hope there will be lots of interesting posts in the near-ish future!