About Us


If you don't know me already, allow me to introduce myself: I'm Jill,  a 20-something Canadian girl who poses as a student during the winter, and cooks for treeplanters during the summer! It is my goal to travel as much as these two occupations will allow. Regis is the photogenic monkey who accompanied me, until he left me when found a little patch of paradise to call his own. He epitomizes the free-spirit of traveling.

My desire to travel began in highschool, and the travel itch just gets worse every time I scratch it so I don't foresee this hobby ending anytime soon! The blog is a useful way to keep friends and family updated, and hopefully provide some information and inspiration to any travel-hopefuls out there.

As of October 2015-March 2016, I am taking a year off university to travel through Southeast Asia! I hope to keep the blog updated pretty regularly. Thanks for reading!

We hope you enjoy the blog!