Wednesday, 25 May 2011

May Long Weekend

I work on a rotation at my job, which means I get 3 weekends off approximately every 4-5 months. I was lucky enough that my days off landed on the long weekend this time!
After I left work at 6:30pm, I raced home to quickly pack and change, and then laughed at cars who were caught speeding on the highway as I drove towards Salmon Arm.
Some family friends own a cabin on the Shuswap Lake, and they invited a bunch of people to come and enjoy it over the weekend.  Apparently I missed the really nice weather while I was at work, and arrived to light sprinkling of rain, but Saturday got quite nice as well. My bright red sunburned feet will testify.
After what seemed like a very long week at work, it was the perfect way to unwind. I honestly did very little, and enjoyed it very much.
A lot of time was spent on the water. Wetsuits were the fashion of the day, as the water was still pretty dang cold. After all, this has been the coldest spring in the area for like...I don't know...a billion years.
Brother Tim enjoyed some high-speed craziness on the tube...
And unfortunately lost his shorts for his trouble.
For myself, I enjoyed the serenity (and safety) of canoeing alongside my friends the kayakers.
The madness of the crowded beach house seemed less overwhelming from out there...I know, I know. Such an introvert!
We saw a huge otter living on this houseboat. He knows the secrets to relaxation!
Lunch (Deer sausage w/BBQ sauce) was prepared by Chef Andrew, over the fire meant to heat their homemade hot tub. Both hilarious, and delicious!
Brian, eating the newest form of a heart-attack-inducing-burger! 2 thick-cut slices of deer sausage, one huge hunk of cheddar cheese, and held together with a fluffy white hamburger bun! I didn't believe he could get it all in his mouth, so he had to prove it to me.

Thanks to the LeFebvre family for allowing us all to partake of your little patch of paradise :)


PL said...

Great pics!

Sonya said...

Looks like fun!