Thursday, 2 June 2011

Family Time

I had the awesome privilege of getting a ride down to Vancouver with my Oma and Opa. Since they live in the neighboring province a 10-hour drive away, I don't get to see them all that often. It was very special to spend some time alone with them. I got to pepper them with questions, and learned so much about their lives.
My grandparents moved to Canada from Holland when they were younger than I am now- my Oma was 16, and moved with her family, and my Opa was 19, and came alone. They both ended up in Port Alberni, met at a church gathering, and married 3 years later!
I loved chatting with them and hearing about my heritage, and laughing at personality traits that have obviously been passed down the line ;)

I spent the evening at my Aunt and Uncles' house in Langley, watching the hockey game with my cousins (tense game!), and then spent the night at another Aunt and Uncles' house!! Lots of visiting. Its all good though. I love my family!

I head to the airport pretty soon, and then its a long flight to London! Can't wait to get there!!


Sonya said...

You're so blessed to still have your grandparents in your life and to be able to hear their stories right from them. What a treasure!

Anonymous said...

have fun Jillian!!

mum said...

Have a wonderful time, Jill! (and no, that anonymous comment wasn't mine this time!). Looking forward to hearing from you!