Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Summer Memories

The only time you will EVER catch me in Western wear.
A "Calgary Stampede" theme Staff Retreat, complete with corn dogs, karaoke, and riflery contest.

We don't have TV at Woodsman, so we just watch slugs.
The Great Slug Escape. I found a slug in our plastic tote of oatmeal. How did he get in? We watched and waited, and finally the full-sized slug squeezed through a hole the thickness of a pencil, near the lid.

There was also a slug in my tent at one point, that slimed the entire ceiling and in through a one inch unzipped portion of the zipper. The slugs have been after me all summer, actually!

The Mud Pit. A Pit of Mud. With People in it. The Best.

Little tiny frogs. Literally the size of my thumbnail, if not smaller. They were swarming the camp by the last week.

Rainy Days. Ankle-deep Mud. Bare Feet.

Being on a lake and enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

Sunny days and salmon berries.


Aneta said...

Eww..slugs!! Amazing that it got into that container. Lovely pics!

Danica said...

What a beautiful summer. And you actually look pretty cute in western garb my dear.

Becks said...

I hope you through out the oatmeal...or at least skimmed some of the top layer off. :P

Jill.and.Regis said...

The oatmeal did not survive. Not a speck. And the container went through some serious decontamination!