Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Plague of the Lokust

One significant change this year has been an additional roommate. He arrived in February, appearing to quiet, clean, and easy to get along with. Then, after he had settled in for a couple days he showed his true colors...

He is needy, aggressive, a real suck, reckless, and suffers from separation anxiety, an obsession with toes, and some kind of running water-related OCD. In a word, he is WEIRD.
One minute he'll be chillin' in his favorite spot...the most comfortable chair in the house, obviously...

And the next, he will be racing around the house, tearing the length from the front door, down the hallway, all the way back to the opposite side of the house, growling, his claws skittering across the slippery laminate flooring! He frequently skids around the corners, slamming into walls, knocking over side tables, or anything that is in his path. Nothing is safe!
The worst is when I am trying to put fresh sheets and my duvet cover on my bed. He goes absolutely BONKERS! As soon as he hears the rustling fabric, he comes speeding into my room, takes a flying leap from the door and lands with a big 'POOF' on the fluffy covers, grabs it in his teeth and claws and tried to kill it.

I call them "The Crazy Eyes". You have to watch out when they show up. He doesn't discern loving owner from mysteriously moving blanket.
 His name is Loki, named for the god of mischief in Norse mythology...not the superhero in the Marvel comics/movies.
He climbs onto everything. I've found him in impossibly high places in the house, and he has broken 2 picture frames to date, with 2 attempts on the life of a third. Not to mention the plant pot that was a casualty on one of his hallway rampages.

His hobbies include looking out the window, watching the bathroom sink in hopes that it will drip (or better yet- turn on), climbing onto counters and tables and other surfaces he knows he shouldn't climb on, "talking" loudly at all times (he makes sounds I didn't know were physically possibly for cats to make), thwacking my legs as I walk, holding onto my ankles when I try to leave the house, jumping on our shoulders for a great perch, knocking his water dish over to enjoy the spill, and enjoying the outdoors when its nice out.

You might be wondering WHY ON EARTH do we have this cat? What would make a person keep such an animal in their home? Who could love such a creature?
I have no answers. I think I might be insane. But this little guy simultaneously drives me crazy and makes me love him SO MUCH...its a weird cat person thing. I wanted a cat because I hated coming home to a quiet, dark, empty house. Well, I am guaranteed never to have a quiet, peaceful house again with Loki around! He snuggles with me whenever I sit down, always throws me a welcome home party when I get back from work, and keeps life pretty eventful. And he's dang cute.

He also keeps Regis in line. That monkey needed an older brother to beat him up now and again.


Anne Geddert said...

WOW! We used to have a cat that climbed the walls of an A-frame log house that we lived in for awhile! Then he'd perch up on the beam that ran across the length of the house and peer down on us. Creepy! =)

Aneta said...

Yeah, he is a bit of a predictably unpredictable cat. I think I prefer my docile Buddy. But Loki has personality!