Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Well, I can't say I've got off to a very aggressive re-start on this blog, but the next semester is closing in and that means I will soon be looking for a venue for procrastination. This just might be the ticket.

Since I won't be doing a lot of traveling over the next couple of months, I'm hoping to expand the blog topics to some more of the things I love...food, for instance. I love food.
You'll probably hear a little bit about what I'm learning at university too...it actually can be quite interesting. I'm beginning to understand why some people go there and never seem to leave. That was always a huge mystery to me before..."wait...you're paying heaps of money to be given deadlines to write about things that hurt your brain? oooook...whatever floats your boat." Turns out hurting your brain can get some pretty awesome results. The world really starts to expand.
Loki might make an appearance or two.
And I might revisit the old Europe trip photos and continue on with the original purpose of this blog :)
But I think we can all safely assume that the scope of this blog is going to broaden a fair bit. Probably not for the better, but hey, the whole specific topic thing really wasn't inspiring me.
Happy New Year!


notes4neta said...

Lookin' forward to reading about what you're learning!

Haelle said...

Ahhhhhh! How did it take over a month for me to find out you are back in blogosphere?
But I have to say, that being able to read 5 new posts all in a row was extremely happy-making.
Glad to have you back, Jill (and Regis)!