Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Random Bits

1. I got the job! I am the head cook for a treeplanting camp starting in May, through til the end of July. Its going to be a real challenge, and probably frustrating and hard work for a lot of the time. I am focusing on the fact that it is "only" 3 months and it will put me through school (I'm trying to get through without student loans). I also get to see more of BC! Yay!

2. Right now I am unemployed. No one wants to hire someone leaving in 2 months. Not even Booster Juice. Sad.

3. I have to learn how to be a frugal student. I've been working full-time for too long. Full time student-ing is going to be a harsh reality. Is it possible to be thrifty and still eat well? I've never been very good at thriftiness, and I love to eat. (I should elaborate- I also eat gluten-free, and organic when possible...which makes it a bit trickier. No ichiban, unfortunately)

4. I re-entered the thrift store scene, after losing faith in it a couple years ago. I emerged successful, with 7 good quality items, each under $8. Things I needed, and liked. Then I went to the mall, and had a heart attack. I feel I might have also regained a sense of perspective. New clothes are stupid expensive.

5. Today I was told by a new acquaintance, quite emphatically, that I "do NOT" look my age. On one hand I suppose that could be flattering, and a quality I will be grateful for when I'm even older. On the other...being decidedly baby-faced is a bit disheartening.

6. I've been watching Sherlock (the BBC version) on Netflix. In fact, I finished the last episode tonight. I hate finding shows I love on there, because when they end I always feel a little sad, like I'm never going to find anything that will compare. Any Sherlock fans out there? Isn't it fantastic? I can't believe it took me so long to click on it.

7. I love my cat, Loki. I'm going to miss him when I leave. And I'm not sure what he will do without me. Sigh.

8. We are studying sleep, circadian rhythms, and altered states of consciousness in Psych this week. I've never seen so much class participation before! I think its because, unlike identifying the parts of the brain or describing psychological perspectives, sleep is one area that is very applicable to university students. Our professor urges us to get lots of quality sleep. I like that kind of homework.

9. I feel strongly about 2 things: abolishing the time change, and implementing a 3-day weekend. Ok, and I think an official siesta would be beneficial as well.

10. I really, really, really, don't understand why we do the time change. No one has ever been able to give me a good explanation, and I think most parts of the world don't even do it. It seems like a lot of trouble with very little advantage.I say it must go!

Ramble done.

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Sonya said...

We were just discussing the time change the other day and decided it's time should be over. Shall we start a petition? ;)