Monday, 17 February 2014

Feasting in Prague

Prague did not end up being my favorite place in Europe, but there is something special about it that I did not expect. The food.
Beef & Dumplings garnished with lemon, cranberry and whipped cream! What?!
Brit and I had been pinching our pennies through the rest of Europe, but Prague ended up being very economical because the currency has not changed to the Euro like the rest of the continent. The Czech crowns were extremely confusing to use, but we got more value for our Canadian dollar, which meant we were able to eat out more!

A Czech Restaurant
As you may have discovered by now, good food makes me very happy. I could eat my way across Europe without ever seeing another museum, and be completely satisfied.

Seriously, look at that smile. I am a happy camper.
For our first dinner, we joined up with a hostel-mate (Caroline, an anthropology major from Quebec!), and dined at the underground restaurant, Apetit! This is where I had the beef with whipped cream! It was actually very tasty!

Another sumptuous stop was the open market in the Old Town square. Lots of vendors were selling delicious-smelling goods. I got one of these cinnamon sugar baked pastries that are cooked on these hot spinning rods.

This was a great stall! It consisted of mass amounts of cheese being fried. 

Of course I had to sample it. It met my standards.

This was a goulash bread bowl and orange smoothie from a Czech fast food joint. Delish!

 A highlight was visiting the Grand Orient Cafe in the Stare Mesto area. It was designed in the "Cubist" style, so there was a very weird and wonderful off-kilter staircase and delightful decor throughout. Not to mention the phenomenal menu. We took forever to order, but I ended up with the marinated duck breast salad, with honey dressing, oranges and nuts, and it was divine. The cappuccinos were also very fancy schmancy and so good!

About to dive into the Panna Cotta
This is a restaurant I will never forget! Lehka Hlava offers vegetarian fine-dining. I am not a vegetarian (see meal choices mentioned above) but this was fantastic. I even wrote about it in my journal!
*Green salad w/baked goat cheese & cranberry dressing
*Platter of grainy breads w/sundried tomato pesto
*Homemade mint lemonade & another drink made with birch sap!
*Panna cotta w/chocolate flakes, cranberry compote & balsamic vinegar, topped w/nuts
(We shared everything and both enjoyed it!) 

Another honorable mention goes to Choco Cafe, where we stopped for dessert one night! Chocolate cheesecake...beware the decadence!

We didn't try everything we saw, but totally should have.
These photos are making me really hungry! I want to go back! 

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