Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Rewards of Returning

Well, Karissa and I have been in PG since late Saturday afternoon, spending our time preparing for the start of planting season.
Setting off in the Westfalia, Saturday morning.
I completed basic first aid and transportation endorsement over the last couple of days, which basically included practicing CPR on "Annie", and rolling my fellow students onto spine boards, and spending a lot of time shuffling around on my knees (which are now various shades of red and purple). Our instructor, "Oscar the Grouch" as he refers to himself, was quite a hoot and kept us all laughing throughout the two days of training. He seemed to think I was a good little first-aider and told me I would have "no problem" with taking a level 3 course. This made me giggle inside, as I've never considered myself the sort of person that would be useful in an emergency! I'm not exactly calm under pressure. I do feel more confident with my first aiding skills this time around though, so that is good.

We were very excited when we saw our new kitchen for the first time!
 Today I had my meeting at the office, and then Karissa and I took inventory of our equipment and moved it into our new kitchen home!
We have been absolutely spoiled rotten this year! Last year we had a 25 year old kitchen trailer, and this time around we get a fancy-schmancy 4 year old trailer, which seems about twice the size. I am absolutely ecstatic to have more space, and a real stainless steel sink! It is beautiful. Life will be so much easier.

Loading it up...look how big and shiny it is!
Apart from the kitchen benefits, returning as cooks for the camp this year has just been a true delight, and completely different from our experience as rookie cooks last year. I remember starting out last year as being extremely stressful, overwhelming, and lonely (besides knowing Karissa, everyone else was a stranger to me).
"Management Meeting" a.k.a. everyone getting together for dinner.
This time around, we have been visiting with friends from last year non-stop...I'm losing my voice! It is so great to reconnect with everyone, and catch up on all the things that have gone on during the "off-season".
It makes such a difference when you are surrounded by friends.
It also makes life so much easier when you already know what you are doing, what is expected, and how everything is going to go down. Round 2 has been much less stressful. I am very excited to begin!

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Ma said...

Thanks for the update, Jill! That kitchen looks fantastic. I'm jealous ;) Not that I'd want your and Karissa's job, but still, if I had to, a new, big kitchen would be a bonus!

Hope you sleep well tonight!