Thursday, 18 December 2014

One Year Ago

Its been a year now since I flew down to NYC for a week of volunteering and sightseeing in the Big Apple.
I was going to go again this year, but you happens, and so now I'm working on other things at home and watching some photos of this year's trip go up on Facebook.
I won't lie to you, it kind of really sucks, and I'm feeling pretty bummed out.

I'm not whining exactly...consider it more of an explanation for the following deluge of photos, and indulge me for a moment as I reminisce over last year's good times.
I never did finish blogging all my photos of the trip anyway.

Feeling pretty stoked on life at the Rockefeller Center
Group shot!
"You're Fired!"
The Times!
Visiting the Seinfeld restaurant
I got a strawberry was delicious :)
Grand Central Station
Taking the Subway
Wall Streeeeeet!!!

The Team @ Brooklyn Bridge!
Visiting the World Trade Center Memorial
Crowding onto the ferry to catch a glimpse of Lady Liberty
Having fun with the mascots in Times Square! 
Don't let the smile fool you, I'm actually terrified of mascots.
I mean LOOK at him. He's ATTACKING me.
Night skating in Central Park: magical!
Trying not to get run over
Riding a snail in Columbus Circle
"Everyone look like a celebrity!": This was one of those obligatory greenscreen tourist photos where you have to pay for it in Guest Services afterward.
We just took a photo of the photo instead. hee hee...
Bell ringing at the Christmas Kettle, and handing out suckers to the kids!
 (NYC has THE CUTEST children in the world. Scientific fact.)

Waiting in line to see "The Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway!
The show is about to start! The Chandelier is under there! THE CHANDELIER!
Katharina enjoying an authentic NYC chili dog after a busy morning of sight-seeing!
New York Cheesecake has NO CRUST, therefore it is GLUTEN FREE!!!
Well dear reader, thank you for putting up with me as I mope tonight. It was actually really fun to look at all these photos again. Such good memories :)

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netablogs said...

What a great experience! Glad you were able to go last year and share some more pics this year!