Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Neglected Blog

Contrary to how things might appear due to this blog's neglect, I did not meet a sticky end traveling through South America on my own. Quite the opposite in fact! I had a great time! However I didn't have much access to a computer in order to post updates, and since I returned home mid-April I've been busy with family stuff, catching up with friends, and getting ready to head back up North for treeplanting season #3! 
This means spare time will be sparse over the next couple of months, and you likely won't get much in the way of writing in the near future! You can however check out my Instagram to see some of my favorite photos and moments from the past several months, and probably some planting photos as well!

Walking the Equator line at Mitad del Mundo in Quito, Ecuador

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netablogs said...

You have to at least let your readers in on the RAT story before you leave!