Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Christmas is Coming Early This Year!

So, I am volunteering at this really cool place called the Fatima Self-help Center, here in Bangkok. In a nutshell, this is a sewing center that provides dignified and fair-wage employment to vulnerable women in the city. They are accepted based on need, and childcare and education are provided to them, as well as on-the-job training. They are paid by the hour, not by production, so they are not penalized for making mistakes. The crafts they produce are high-quality, and they sell them throughout Thailand as well as to a few places abroad. Basically, its just a really awesome organization that gives these women a skill and a way to provide for themselves. I can see how happy these women are to be here; there's a great sense of community, and the children are well-cared for too so its such an empowering place for these families. For many of them, there would be no other way to manage.

I have been thinking about how I want to do something more for the center, and support them financially. My problem is, I am only one person, and as much as I would love to fill my backpack with these lovely goodies to take home, I would literally have to wear the same thing every day for the next 6 months to make that happen. 

So, here's my pitch: I want to invite all you lovely friends and family to check out their website and take a few minutes to browse the items they sell.  If you see something you like, I will pay the shipping on it (I'm hoping to send a big box back to Kamloops in time for Christmas, where I'm hoping my dear mother will distribute them for me...I haven't asked her yet, so fingers crossed). (Also, if you don't live in Kamloops I'll still pay shipping for you if the order is $40+).

I particularly reccommend the "educational books and toys", "baby toys", and "activites" to my friends with young children- these toys are super cute, well-made, and will stand up to years of use! These will make GREAT gifts as well, if you don't have young kids but know someone who does!

The "bags and purses" are BEAUTIFUL and sturdy, and a lot of the "Christmas Decorations" are really nice as well...I like the fabric christmas trees, myself. 

advent calendar
****these are photos I just snapped quickly- better quality photos and WAY more selection on the website!*****

I know you might be thinking made in Thailand = cheap. You might be surprised by the prices because it doesn't reflect that. These goods aree hand-made, quality, fair-trade, crafts that are supporting a REALLY good cause. Fatima strives to break even, they do not make a lot of profit...they simply are trying to help women survive in a city that is notoriously unfair and unkind to them. So, I encourage you to keep that in mind...and I also encourage you to buy an item or two, because they really are awesome! :)

I would love to send the box off at the end of the week, but could possibly manage to place an order while I'm in Cambodia too. The sooner the better, though really. If you have any questions, or would like me to take a photo of how something looks in real life, or you want my opinion on a certain product, please ask!!!

It would be fanstasic to fill a box! If you"re interested, you can Facebook message me, or email me at jkcoulter79@gmail.com.

EDIT: I realize the website is not the easiest to understand in regards to pricing. 100 Thai Baht is approximately $3.72 CAD, but if you prefer to shoot me an email asking for prices on specific items I'll work it out for you!  

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Your mom said...

Yes, I am very willing to distribute items to those in the Kamloops area :)