Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

(The one good thing that came out of our Salzburg trip was a new appreciation for The Sound of Music)

I thought today I would ease up on the writing and show you a couple favorite moments/photos.  Mostly because my brain is fried. And there has been a severe lack of pictures on this blog.

You may notice a lot of them are food-related.
That is just how its going to be around here.

A Quick Trip to Hogwarts
Watching the Eiffel Tower light up
Mt. St. Michel:
Exploring a Medieval island fortress
Surreal views
Delicious picnic dinners on the city walls
Taking very necessary/cheesy tourist pictures
Seeing the worst speedos ever, worn without shame
Relaxing by the water in the evening and enjoying the view
Eating the biggest meal/beer/pretzel of my life. Loving it.
(Also wearing cheesy tourist shirt!)
Hiking to fairytale-esque castles

Taking necessary/cheesy Sound of Music reference photos
Panna Cotta in the sweetest hippie restaurant ever!!
The Netherlands:
I have no words to express how much I love this photo...
And that is all for now...
Photo Credit: mostly Brittany Willems :)


Aneta said...

Ha! Ha! Love that hot pink speedo! :) And the pic of the cute little dutch boy and girl... oh, I have to frame that one for sure! It's so hilarious! The pretzel and beer -- love that look on your face!
You've got some great photos!

kristieinbc said...

Great pictures Jill! I love the Hogwarts one. Where was that taken? And that pink Speedo. My. I find myself hoping it is a lady going topless. No guy would wear that would they?? Florence is amazing with all that red! And as far as food pictures are concerned you won't be hearing any complaints from the Hammonds about seeing too many. The more the better! :-)

Sonya said...

Every photo is my favorite. I seriously love them all!

Anonymous said...

Yay photos! Now I'm even more jealous. Looks like you two made some good memories.

Jill.and.Regis said...

@kristieinbc- I'm afraid there was really NO shame at all on that beach We saw plenty of speedos AND topless women, and thong bathingsuits, and (at the risk of sounding cruel) some of the worst beach bodies in the world! At first it was embarrassing, and then I was like, "Well at least I wouldn't have to be afraid to wear my bathingsuit here! I'd feel pretty good about myself." ha ha!