Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Motherland and the Homeland

I've just gotten back, after a looooong night in Gatwick airport, a loooooong flight to Vancouver, and a loooooong drive home.
While its only ten after 7pm here, I'm still operating under the European clock which is 8 hours ahead...making it 3:10am. I've also got a brutal head cold (thanks a lot, Salzburg!) and a big to-do list before I leave again on Thursday.......ahhhhh!
Ok, now that my whining is out of the way, I will mention that Holland was amazing and I got to do some really cool stuff, and I will hopefully have a bit of time to post some pictures tomorrow, if you're lucky! Hooray!


kristieinbc said...

Welcome home Jill! I can't wait to see your pictures. Hope you feel better soon.

Liz said...

WIsh I could see you before you head off for your next adventure!!!

Sonya said...

Wow! That trip seemed to go by so quickly. I can't wait to see some photos of your adventures.

Danica said...

Welcome home! I can't believe it's over already, and I can't wait to hear more about it.m