Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I started a blog post the other day, but it was growing to massive proportions, and I just don't have enough time or patience with this iTouch to complete it.
So I'm going to try to keep this brief, until I can do proper posts with pictures and anecdotes.
We have been in Prague the last couple of days, and it is quite different from everywhere else we've been so far!
It's a beautiful city with lots of intricate and unique buildings. The castle on the hill is quite stunning no matter what time of day, you always want to take another picture of it!
The Czech language sounds a lot like Russian...meaning it's frickin hard to pronounce! This is the first country we've been to where we haven't even attempted to learn the "basic" phrases. We can't get our tongues around the crazy sounds! So far it hasn't been a problem since almost everyone we need to communicate with speaks some English. It's surprisingly touristy here.
I can't say that I've found it a particularly friendly country, though. I'm going to have to give that impression a bit more thought to explain exactly why I feel that way, so I'll try and remember if for a future post :)
Anyway, tomorrow is our last day here. We head out on our last night train tomorrow at 6:30pm, and will arrive in Amsterdam at 10am the next day! The longest train yet. I'm super stoked for holland though! Can't wait!

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Aneta said...

Cool. Can't wait to read all your thoughts about it.
And yay for Holland.. remember every little detail for me, won't you?