Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Sound of Disappointment

Still getting over the disappointment of not being able to stay with my Czech friends, I left a gray and cloudy Munich behind me this morning and arrived to an equally drab skyskape in Salzburg: famous for being the birthplace of both Mozart, and The Sound of Music. I didn't realize just how much the tourism here is dependent on the movie musical until we arrived! There are a ton of tours (bus, walking, biking...even segway!)that will take you to visit the movie film sites! One tour that really made us laugh was called "the sound of Trudy", and was led by a costumed guide who would sing songs from the movie at each location!! SO tempted to go.
After we got on the right bus (with a very snappy driver) we arrived at our hostel to discover our rooms wouldn't be ready til 4,which left us with a lot of time.
Neither of us felt very energized, but we decided the most flexible and economical option would be to rent bikes and explore the city on our own.
It was chilly outside when we left at 1pm, but we had our rainjackets so we thought we were prepared.
By the time we got to the city center it was starting to rain quite a bit. We took a couple pictures and then wandered up a steep stairway to see if we could find a sweet view of the city.
Long story short,we wandered for quite a while, it rained harder, we got on our bikes, it rained harder, we biked for a long time and then realized we were lost, it rained harder, we got soaked and more rained harder.
It was twenty past 4 when we finally rolledback to the hostel. And we were very wet, and very done with Salzburg. I took a hot shower, ate some free muffins and drank free coffee, and now I feel much better.
But I'm still glad we're only spending one night here!
Tomorrow will be a better day.


kristieinbc said...

I'm sorry to hear your experience in Salzburg was not a good one. It is a beautiful area and city when the rain isn't coming down in buckets and you can actually see the scenery. I hope you were able to warm up once you got to the hostel.

mum said...

Sorry to hear about the rain. Good thing you found your way back to the hostel and could get warm and dry!

Hope tomorrow will be GREAT!

Danica said...

Too bad. Hope the next stop makes up for it.

Sonya said...

Bummer. Hope the weather behaves better for you at your next destination!