Friday, 17 June 2011

Off to Salzburg!

Well its been a crazy couple of days! We have really enjoyed our stay in Germany. The people are so friendly and it feels so modern compared to Italy. Not that I don't love Italy, but the vapretto system in Venice really needs some help! Transit in Munich is a dream in cOmparison!
Yesterday we visited neuschwanstien castle (absolutely gorgeous!) and today we a but of the city itself.
The plan was to spend tonight with my friends who live in Czech republic, but unfortunately that fell through. It was quite disappointing, but we just adjusted our itinerary and we are Salzburg-bound tomorrow morning. Brit has booked us in to a hostel that has nightly showings of "the sound of music", and has informed me that that will be our evening entertainment! The movie was filmed there so I expect there might be some kind of tour about that.
Well, we dined on a very large Bavarian meal which included (but was certainly not limited to) a very large and delicious pretzel, and a liter of beer. Yes, a liter! I don't really ever drink beer but this was actually delicious, and we ate in munichs largest beer garden and it was all for the experience after all. I apologize for the terrible grammar in this post...what I'm trying to get at is that it's been a long couple of days and I am completely worn out, as well as still digesting! So this is all for now. Ps. Visit Germany... It's really awesome!

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Pops said...

Don't worry about the Grammar. I'm told it happens after a litre of beer.