Wednesday, 15 June 2011


My second trip on a night train wasn't too bad. Turns out ear plugs make all the difference! We arrived at 6:30am this morning and grabbed breakfast at the stations Starbucks. We couldn't check into our rooms that early but luckily the hotel let us leave our bags there and we caught the next train to dachau.
We knew going in that a visit to the concentration camp memorial site wouldn't be exactly an uplifting was actually pretty emotionally draining. We spent probably close to 5 hours there and I feel like I skipped a lot of it. The property is massive and actually very beautiful. It felt wrong that as we walked up the gravel road it was a bright sunny day and the birds were singing. Hard to believe that so many terrible things happened right there not that long ago.
The hardest part for me was walking through the crematorium and seeing so many horrific images of the bodies that had been just left in heaps there. It got quite emotional.
The site was kept up really well, and there was plenty of information to be had. Too much for one day, I think. Worth a visit for sure though.
Despite this dark andmorbid history, Munich is really awesome and Brit and I are both loving it! It's a very cool city.


mum said...

That would be tough, but so glad you got to experience that. I keep saying I can't wait to see pics, so I won't mention it this time. ;)

kristieinbc said...

It is a hard experience to go to Dachau, but an important one. I was there 30 years ago and it still is a vivid memory.