Saturday, 6 August 2011

Life in the Woods

Here's a nice little picture-filled post for you all!

As you walk in, you see a couple of big army tents...this is where the kids sleep.

Moving along, you reach the Fire Pit. This is the main hub of activity. Whenever the director rings the triangle, everyone meets here for the next activity or announcement.

The Biffy. By the end of the summer, you ration your time here very strictly...

This is The Point, where all the swimming and fun happens. It also has a fire ring for nightly firesides.

Leech Beach is where our landing dock is located, as well as all the canoes and kayaks.

This is my home! Its perched on the top of a little ridge, and I like it a lot. There is just enough room inside for the air mattress (that deflates continuously), my huge suitcase and my laundry. Outside I keep a plastic tote for some other random stuff.

The path to the Point runs on one side of the ridge, and my "backyard" is on the other side. Its very private, quiet, and peaceful :)
My hammock was at the perfect height when it was strung, but over the weeks of good food, its begun to least I still have a sweet view of the lake!

Its a good life!

Coming Up: The Woodsman Kitchen

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Sonya said...

Beautiful photos and gorgeous location! But much too rugged for this girl. :)