Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hostel Review: Citotel Le Bretagne**

Citotel Le Bretagne**
Rennes, France

Where we heard about it: I'm not quite sure. I think Brit just came across it on some website, but I'm fairly certain it wasn't hostelbookers.com.

What sealed the deal: Close proximity to the Rennes train station.

First impressions: WOW. They weren't kidding when they said it was close. Literally across the street.

What we paid: the first night was 23.51 EURO/$35 (we figured it must be some kind of weekend special), the second night was 36.65EURO/$53.99. Both were private double beds, with ensuite.

What we liked: The location was so close and convenient to both the train and bus stations, it was perfect for us, since we were using Rennes as a base to daytrip to Mt. Saint Michel. The staff were extremely friendly, even though they spoke next to no English! They certainly made the effort, and were very patient with us. Our first night we stayed in a beautiful room that seemed like it had been recently renovated. Breakfast was available for 7.50EUR (we didn't take them up on it).

What we didn't like: We were very confused about our rooms changing on the second night, if there was internet available, breakfast, etc and it was hard to communicate this to the staff. The second room was quite a lot older and more dated, and somehow I don't think there was anyone moving into our first room. I still don't know why we had to move!

Internet Availability: I think we did have free WiFi but I can't remember. The website says there is WiFi and Internet Access, so we'll go with that.

Would we stay there again? 
Ya, but I'd ask for the nice room we had the first night!

Disclaimer: this is not a paid advertisement! The opinions expressed here belong only to Regis and I. The prices were those recorded on my bank statement, circa June 2011.

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