Tuesday, 9 April 2013

10 Things I've Learned About University

10 Things I've Learned About University:
Year One

1. Study groups are fun! Thanks to Community for making them cool too. Or maybe that's just in my mind.

2. Your first impression of your prof is probably pretty accurate. (Note to self: when they are crazy the first day of class, its a big red flag. Find a different course or a different prof)

3. Your group might be awesome, but the group project is probably going to suck. Just accept that, and then  make sure you delegate and make your part really obviously your part and really obviously well put together.

4. Don't lose sleep over skipping a class once in a while if you really need to. In fact don't lose sleep over a class! Sleep is important for a hardworking mind.

5. Remember how much you paid to attend those classes? Don't skip them unless you really have to.

6. Don't count on your profs allowing you the time to copy the powerpoint slides. Its just not going to happen.

7. You know that occasional lull in homework? That's for reading ahead, not watching tv. You're welcome.

8. Don't decide to "wing" that test. Just. don't.

9. Go to your prof during office hours and get feedback on your work. They are marking it. Find out what they want, and tailor it accordingly!

10. Don't freak out about every little thing. Wait. I haven't learned that yet.

Final exams, here I come!

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marmus said...

Good post, Jill! I wonder if you could apply those same rules to homeschooling? Oh, forget I asked that! I don't want to know! ;)