Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Countdown Begins

Come Wednesday night, I will officially be done my last exam and my first year of post-secondary academics will be complete.

Next Saturday at this time, I will be dancing up a storm at a great friend's wedding reception in Abbotsford.

And the next morning, I will begin the long trek to Prince George, BC, to begin my career as a cook for a treeplanting camp.

I am equal parts excited and terrified.

This step has been a long time coming. I've toyed with the idea of heading "Up North" to cook for those poor souls for a few years now, but somehow it never worked out. Now I've finally committed, and its almost time to start.

I love camping, and I love cooking in rustic areas. But this job will take the cake for hours worked, most difficult conditions, and hungriest eaters, combined with all time record for least hours slept.

Sleep is important to me. Very. Important.

I anticipate that the bugs will be unbearable, the cold and damp miserable, the camp morale dismal, but in the end, I fear it will be the sleep deprivation that will bring me down to my murkiest depths.

I'm determined to make the best of things, but somehow I doubt that attitude will be quite as resolute when I've achieved 5 hours of slumber, and my alarm is buzzing at 4am, and there's frost outside my tent.

The first while will be a struggle as I try to figure things out and find a rhythm, but I think once my system is in place and I figure out how to best use my time, I'll be able to get more sleep and not hate my life.

But I think about how much I love my cozy bed every night as I go to sleep, and try to appreciate it as much as I can while it lasts.

May is coming.


Amy A. said...

Ok, so why are you doing this?? Lol. You make it sound really appealing :)

Jill said...

I won't lie, I'm only in it for the money :)
I'm sure it will not be all terrible, but everything I've heard points to it being exhausting and a bit on the dreary side, so I'm trying to prepare myself.
Blog posts get increasingly incoherent from here on in, so look out!

Sonya said...

Way to go Jill! You're a braver person than I am. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

mumsy said...

I do hope you don't 'hate your life' for the next 3 months! I think you can look at it as great blog fodder! Meeting new people, surviving in unimaginable conditions all leads to some good storytelling. Hoping and praying your time will be more good than bad! At least you have a girlriend to navigate through the experience with!