Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Necessary Update

I am home!

July was crazy and hectic and had unreliable internet and cell service. That is my excuse for not posting anything during that month. Maybe I will upload some photos later, and describe July adventures in more detail.

I was sad to leave, but my poor sleep-deprived body was ready for a break, so spending a week on the Shuswap Lake afterwards was THE PERFECT way to recover. We had amazing weather, the water was super warm, and it was wonderful to spend time with family! I read more books than was probably healthy for such a short time, napped whenever I felt like it, and ate delicious and easy to prepare food. I also spent time baking in the sun (I went from ghostly-white camp cook, to tanned and relaxed retiree), playing some feisty rounds of badminton, and leading the rellies in some intense games of "Mafia".

After I returned home, I could finally settle down and unpack and start to plan my summer adventures! I had aspirations to visit Vancouver Island friends, a week of cooking at the Woodsman camp, and outlet shopping in Seattle. AND THEN...I was in a car accident (yes...again), and my poor Samantha was crunched and written off. To say I am mighty tired of this sort of excitement in my life would be somewhat of an understatement.

So, instead of living the summer roadtrip dream, I have been at home...recuperating from a fresh case of whiplash, getting a few errands done, reconnecting with friends I haven't seen in months, and snuggling my Lokust! All in all, its not a completely bad way to spend a summer, just not what I had planned.

Classes begin in just over a week! I can hardly believe it. This semester I will be officially a "full time" student, although I can hardly pretend it is a very full course load. However I am excited for each of my courses...I will be taking Poli-Sci, Anthropology, and the second half of Into to Psych. I may also pick up a part time job if the right opportunity comes up. Because I'm picky like that. And I worked my butt off this summer so that I could focus more time on school this year instead of being all over the place. We'll see.

As much as I love school, I am feeling ready for a change of scene. Some Facebook friends have been posting their travel photos lately. Its making my feet itch...

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mumsy said...

Glad you are getting enough rest and relaxation before hitting the books again. Yippee yi yay, you are blogging again!