Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hawaii Snapshots

Apologies for vanishing from the internet these last few weeks. What can I say except I am trying to keep on top of schoolwork, as well as look into my options for the Fall, and prepare for my quickly-approaching spring/summer job! Time management is not really my strong point, so I decided to scratch out a couple things that I know distract me, like Facebook and blogging :)
View from the top of the Hauula Loop Trail
Right now, however I needed a quick break from studying State Repression of Labour and the Left in Canada from 1914-1920, so I thought I would share a couple snapshots from my family vacation to Hawaii!

The boys loved boogie boarding at Pounders Beach!
We stayed at a great beach house in Hauula, the North point of Oahu. We had a fair amount of windy/rainy weather for the first couple of days, but it was still warm and wonderful to wear shorts and t-shirts, and go swimming in the ocean in February! Once the sun came out, we appreciated it even more!
The beach house lanai...right on the water!
The neighborhood we stayed in had that weather-worn look and laid-back feel that was totally different from the touristy South, in Waikiki or Honolulu.  We loved it because we really felt like we were in a totally different (non-North American) country, but it was still so convenient because we already knew the language, currency, etc. 

Family swim time!
 Another advantage to the north end was uncrowded beaches! We were basically the only people at this particular spot. Of course, that might be because of the waves and rocks...but it was still awesome!

I really enjoyed seeing some wildlife, including lizards hanging around outside. They were pretty cool, and super quick! At one beach we saw a huge 50 year old sea turtle (photo to come), and when we went snorkeling at Turtle Bay Resort we spotted another turtle and followed it around for a while! That was really fantastic...I even touched its' shell was a little slimy :P

But that is all I have time for right now! Maybe I will be able to post more after exams, before I leave for PG. So soon! AHH!

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