Monday, 31 March 2014

Prague Photo Ops

I return for a brief hello to the blogging world...I finished up two major school assignments last week, so I'm allowing myself some blog time as a reprieve from the seemingly endless readings and writings that come with the end of the semester.

Travel buddies with a view of Prague castle from Charles Bridge.
I love looking back on these photos of Prague from 2011. Brit has since married and moved away, so when I miss her I can look back on these good times and get a mini Brit-fix. I should probably just call her instead. Ha. This is something I will work on. 

Excited for the classical music we are about to enjoy!
After enjoying a wonderful concert in Lucca so much (which I now realize I never wrote did that happen??), we decided to indulge in some more classy times by purchasing tickets to hear the Prague Baroque Consort. It included performances by solo violinist Igor Lecian, and organist Frantisek Stastny...the organ was the REAL DEAL. Amazing.

"Concert in Cathedral" 
Prague was a spectacularly scenic city to explore. The architecture is almost a bit of a time won't find many modern buildings around. For this I am grateful.

Beautiful Brittany on the bridge. 
The downside was that it was extremely touristy, and I didn't find it an especially friendly place. But these things can be forgiven because you can see the castle from almost anywhere, and it is so beautiful.

My hair was so long! Don't cry, Mom. Pixie cuts aren't forever.
 There were many interesting pieces of art and culture around the city. This random brick wall and theatre seating in the middle of the street, for instance...
Brit contemplates the deeper meanings...
Fear not! Its not a real bug. This was a permanent fixture on one street,
 in memory of Kafka and his most famous work, The Metamorphosis. (Hello Gregor)
I don't remember who this fellow was, but he was a pleasant person to share a bench with.
Brit makes a friend at the Lego Museum (yes, we went to the Lego Museum. Be jealous.)
Despite our slightly sketchy hostel, the bad head colds we developed post-Salzburg, and the disappointment of not being able to meet up with my Czech friends, Prague delivered a unique European experience with plenty of memorable photo ops...I miss wandering those streets with you, Brit! 


netablogs said...

As usual, a great post with wonderful pics. I almost did cry. Glad to hear pixie cuts aren't forever! You have beautiful hair..bring it back! ;)

Jill said...

Don't get too excited. I only said my short hair won't last forever, not that I would be growing it out anytime soon ;)