Monday, 14 April 2014

A Quick Tour of Prague

Well, this is it. My last batch of photos in Prague, and my last post on the epic Europe Adventure of 2011!

We took the "free" (by donation) walking tour of the Old Town, which was really informative and covered a lot of ground. This building was a Jewish Synagogue, if I remember correctly. It was located in the Jewish Ghetto of Prague, which historically has been very strictly contained within the city. Now it's just touristy. 

The astrological clock tower is a central landmark for any Prague tourist. It is located at the heart of the Old Town, and it can be heard every hour. 

To get to Prague Castle and Petrin Hill (both very worthwhile), you must defeat this intimidating staircase...

A view of the city from the top of the stairs...isn't it wonderful,and also a little crazy??

I adore all the old-fashioned bits and pieces around the city. It gives Prague so much character!

Winding streets, and beautiful buildings.

A rose in the massive rose garden on Petrin Hill, 
and the switchback stairs to get back down to the city.

We had some rain, of course, but the city was still beautiful.

And of course...the Castle by night. We never got tired of admiring it, or taking photos apparently. 

And so that concludes my Europe 2011 entries on this blog. From Prague we headed to the Netherlands, but I already wrote about that, out of chronological order...rebel that I am.

Eventually I'll get my act together and finish documenting NYC 2013, and Oahu 2014. I'll also keep better track of my cooking adventures in the backwoods of PG this summer, now that I have a new phone with a decent camera on it.

Until next time...

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