Friday, 25 December 2015

Double Christmas

So I decided that since it really did not feel like Christmas in the least here in Lao, I will simply not make a big fuss about the holiday this year and just celebrate double Christmas next year! I think it was a good decision.

Needless to say, nothing noteworthy occured in the travel department. I returned from my 2 night stay in Muang Ngoi, and was fortunate enough to find reasonably-priced accommodation with enough wifi to skype the family back home! So that was really nice.

And as it turns out I got to spend a night in a rodent-infested bungalow (the reason for the low price, I guess)! So...that was...exciting...

Some photos from the past week:

Village life along the river...on the boat drive to Muang Ngoi

Tat Kuang Si, famous waterfalls outside Luang Prabang

The easy part of the 100 Waterfalls Trek...
Waterfall #99...and we climbed it! (The hard part)


Laundry day means heading down to the river!

Sunset view from my bungalow in Muang Ngoi...killer.


Kriss said...

That's awesome that you were able to Skype with the family on Christmas. Double Christmas next year sounds like it's going to be pretty darn exciting!

Julie Fair said...

Such gorgeous pics! Wow!

More rodents Jill?? The Amazon rats must have called their Asian cousins to warn of your arrival!

Jill Coulter said...

Oh Double Christmas 2016 is going to be like Santa and all his reindeer threw up on my living quarters, Krissa! You're gonna love it ;-)

Ju, I don't know what it is...the rodents won't leave me alone!!! I saw SO many in Chiang Mai as well...luckily not in my room.