Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Exploring Italy, Part 1

One of the best features of Lucca is that is so close to a lot of interesting places...Pisa, for instance.

Once you get off the train, its really a matter of following the crowd to the gathering point: rows upon rows of little tents selling souvenirs. T-shirts, hats, pens, postcards, miniatures, and best of all...leaning mugs!

Impossible to miss is the architectural epic fail, the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Its like the Italian landmark equivalent of those terrible American Idol try-outs...they think they are awesome because everyone is looking at them...what they don't realize is that everyone is pointing and laughing. Speaking of which...we did some people watching...

It was pretty awesome.

And then we got in on the fun too!

How could we not?

Admittedly, there isn't much to this little Italian town besides the famous Tower, but it was a fun cheesy tourist experience. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, and I got a terrific bright red sunburn that haunted me for the rest of the trip (sunburn pic featured in the upcoming Munich posts...)


kristieinbc said...

Everyone should have at least one cheesy tourist experience on their trip! For some reason the picture where you said you got in on the fun did not show up on my computer.

Jill.and.Regis said...

Oh no! I can see it on mine...anyone else having trouble with that pic? Its a gooder.

kristieinbc said...

I can see it now. Great picture!