Monday, 30 September 2013

A Visit to the Rialto Market

I always love visiting a farmer's market. Its a unique shopping experience, especially if you happen to be visiting one in a country with a different language!

Brittany, looking very tired-yet-excited to be shopping at an outdoor market.
On our last day in Venice we made the necessary visit to the Rialto market, to explore the sights and delicious flavors!

I saw things I have never seen before or since. Like these spotty pink beans.

And some familiar favorites. I definitely bought a good amount of deeelicious sundried tomatoes.

Some things I left alone.

Others looked tasty and tempting!

There was a great variety of goods available, and the displays were lovely.

This was my favorite. I wanted to try them all!

I'm not as passionate about leafy greens, but they still looked good.

These looked....interesting!

Ok, so I typically don't like the look/smell/taste of seafood, but this is undeniably appealing to me. Don't you just want to poke the center??

It being an island, there tended to be a lot of seafood.

If you are ever in Venice you should definitely check it out and interact with a few of the real locals (an endangered species) of the city. Prices are cheap, and the goods are fresh and tasty (the edible ones, anyway). The Rialto Market operates Monday-Saturday, 8-Noon, and has been running for about...1,000 years. No big deal.


Brittany said...

Cherries!!!! Yum. I miss Italy.

Jill said...

Those cherries were reaaallly good. They get a special mention in a later post ;)

netablogs said...

Looks a little more interesting and colorful than our farmer's market!