Monday, 7 October 2013

Snapshots of Venice

There are always a few photos that don't seem to fit in anywhere. They're just snapshots you took as you enjoy a place...not a particular destination or landmark, just a taste of the local flavor. 

I love these kinds of photos. And in Venice I took a lot of them, because it is really a place you visit just to see. Its extraordinarily beautiful, and the lack of cars is quite refreshing. Warning: overabundance of Venetian canal photos ahead!

The other thing you might notice about this post that is different from the rest is the nifty filter I used on all the photos. If there is one thing Instagram has taught me, is that you can fool most people into thinking your ordinary photo is supercool if it has a nifty filter on it. Filter = Instant fake coolness. We're all about that here, at RBF.

Regis wanted to get in on the instagram action.
#Regisrules #Justchillinginvenice #nobigdeal
(He tells me that hashtags make you legit)

Oh look! An artsy photo of a lamppost! I am well on my way to hipsterism. 

Ok, bringin it back to reality. Brittany and I getting a stranger to take a touristy photo of us. And I look like a dork. All my instagram coolness has just evaporated. 

But the coolness of this clock tower makes up for it...right? Plus bonus cool points because of how instagramish it looks.

And here is a real life merchant in Venice selling his wares from a boat dubbed "Mario I". Amazing. 

Walking around San Marco ceiling!

A canal. Love it.

A wall of freaky Venetian masks. Don't love it quite so much. 

Sightseeing while riding the vapretto to our hostel. Beautiful!

We found this "photobooth" graffitied onto a street wall. That little box by Brit's elbow basically said we should take our photos there and post it on a the internet somewhere (#ifoundaphotoboothinvenice?), but I don't really remember. It was weird. 

An alleyway without a canal! 

The Rialto Bridge! With a big advertisement on it! Hooray!

Hot, tired, and full from feasting on cherries that Brit bought at the Rialto Market and couldn't finish. 

#filtersmakemyphotosfakeawesome #ididn'tactuallytakethisphoto #brithasabettercamerathanido #itsnotmyfaultimpoor #icouldhavetakenthisphotoifihadagoodcamera #iamimpressedifyouarestillreadingthis


Mumsy said...

Ha!Ha! Great post Jill! I love the instagram filter and your hashtags. You are so cool! I have never used a hashtag...well, okay maybe once. #iwascoolonce

Brittany said...

#diditakethatphoto? #imanamazingphotographer #mycamerawasagifti'mtoocheaptobuynicecameras #hashtagsaremynewbestfriends

Jill said...

#commentsmakemyday #brit #mumsie #faithfulreaders #keepemcoming #hashtagmadness #myblogissolegitnow